Thursday, 25 January 2018


We went to sleep in sunlight
and woke up in the dark.
There was snow and bitter cold,
and a sorrow in our hearts.
You had to say goodbye again,
the words never passed your lips,
and we couldn't hear what wasn't said,
only wait for the scales to tip.

How do we find the ends of a thread
when half a heart is gone?
How do we pull our bootstraps up
and try to soldier on?
If unfilled dreams go to rest,
I hope you're with them now.
I hope you're finding what you lost
and are making yourself proud. 

What did you whisper in the dark?
I guess we'll never know. 
How did the sun just go to sleep,
where did this, and more, go?
A thousand questions never answered,
A thousand reasons why.
Twenty-four hours weren't enough,
Not to say goodbye

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